About Me

I’m the director of the Galicia Supercomputing Center (CESGA). Previously, I was a senior researcher at SAFARI research group at ETH Zürich, lead by Prof. Onur Mutlu. My research interests include memory systems, hardware security, machine learning, microarchitecture, storage systems, processing in memory, and more.

I earned my PhD from University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) under the supervision of Prof. Elisardo Antelo and Prof. Javier Bruguera. During my PhD, I visited I-ACOMA research group at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, lead by Prof. Josep Torrellas. I also adquired industry experience in IBM R&D Labs at Haifa (with Olga Golovanevsky’s, Marina Biberstein, and Bilha Mendelson), and Recore Systems at Enschede. After my PhD, I continued my research on computer architecture with several groups in Industry and Academia, including Universidade Nova de Lisboa with Prof. Joao Lourenco, LSC group at Unicamp, with Prof. Rodolfo Azevedo, and Xilinx Research Labs at Dublin, with Michaela Blott and Yaman Umuroglu.

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